Cylinder Rehab

Since 2011, Airweld Inc. has been servicing all types of cylinders in our facilities. We cover a large variety of services from Ultrasonic Examination (UE) to simple valve repairs. Each one of our technicians are fully trained in the latest CGA, DOT and CFR-49 regulations.

We have partnered with Digital Wave Corp, an industry leader in Ultrasonic Examination equipment. This partnership ensures that all Airweld examined cylinders are safe and DOT compliant.

Why did we choose UE versus Hydrostatic Testing?

  • Cylinders are not de-valved or re-valved which results in extended life of the cylinder and overall less valve replacements.
  • Eliminates any possible moisture or chemical contamination on the interior walls of the cylinder which could occur in the hydrostatic testing process.
  • Ultrasonic Examination provides a more detailed analysis than the standard hydrostatic testing procedure.
  • The (UE) process is nondestructive to the cylinders.

What cylinder sizes and types can we UE?

  • Any size cylinder from A-Medical (3.2” dia) to T-300 (10.5” dia)
  • 3A, 3AA, 3AL
  • ISO 9809-1, 9809-2, 9809-3
  • SP9001, 9421, 9706, 9909
  • EDDY Current Test (VE) 3AL, 6351 aluminum alloy
  • 10-year re-qualification (∗) & 110% (+)

Additional cylinder services offered.

  • UE cylinder recertification
  • Shot blast and paint
  • Internal cleaning and drying
  • Cylinder bake-out
  • Change of gas service
  • Add/remove syphon tubes
  • Tare weight stamping
  • Custom paint and markings