Industries Served


The New York-Metro area is experiencing the largest renaissance in construction and infrastructure repair in more than fifty years.  Airweld Inc. actively partners with subcontractors and general contractors, providing jobsite delivery of compressed gases, gas distribution and delivery systems including micro-bulk, tube trailers and cradles, station drops and hoses, cutting and welding equipment and personal protective equipment.  We specialize in providing custom solutions to our customers during preconstruction planning.  We also offer our customers on-site compliance and safety training to satisfy those requirements.


With the resurgence of new construction and infrastructure repair in the New York-Metro area, mechanical contractors are working at peak capacity and Airweld Inc. is here to support them.  Pipe and tank fabrication and installation are exacting fields and mandate the latest technology.  Airweld Inc. partners with vendors who design and manufacture precision equipment for turning, cutting, beveling and joining pipe and vessels.  We also have a complete line of alloys, gases and equipment for brazing and joining copper tubing.


Here at Airweld Inc., we understand the importance of quality assurance in your laboratory research. Contaminants in your gas products can greatly jeopardize the precision of your research. That’s why all of our top-of-the-line specialty gas products are guaranteed to meet the highest standards. We use state-of-the-art filling facilities and analytical laboratories to provide high-purity gases and high-accuracy gas mixtures for all research applications. Our skilled experts are well-equipped to advise you on the best specialty gas at the right level of purity customized for your specific application, along with the optimal advanced specialty gas equipment to ensure safety, accuracy, and productivity for you and your business. Airweld Inc. offers the highest quality pure gases and precision gas mixtures for calibrating and supporting your most sensitive instruments while optimizing your analytical efficiency.


For many years, the food industry has relied on the use of specialty gases to carry out a variety of vital operations. Whether you’re searching for specialty gases to be employed in beverage carbonation, cold brewing, flash-freezing, beer dispensing, fruit ripening, or increasing shelf life, Airweld Inc. can supply you with the accurate specialty gas, gas mixture, cryogenic liquids and gas equipment to fulfill your needs.  We will also engineer and custom install distribution systems for compressed gases and cryogenic liquids.


In the present day and age, many industries are regulated to strictly monitor their environmental footprint and utilize highly-precise calibration standards to obtain accurate measurements.  Airweld Inc. supplies a complete line of EPA Protocol Gases to comply with environmental standards. We work together with our customers to provide products that enhance business’ productivity and efficiency while simultaneously minimizing environmental impact.


To successfully compete in the constantly-evolving electronics industry, manufacturers face the challenges of maintaining adaptability, affordability, and differentiation. To help you keep up with the fast-paced demands of your industry, Airweld Inc. has the specialty gases and specialty gas equipment you need to enhance your performance and efficiency all the way from your electronic products’ assembly and testing phases to their eventual distribution.

The electronics industry is fueled by connectivity-and so are we.  With the help of our highly-trained specialty gas professionals, we’ll provide you with the most fitting specialty gas products, gas mixtures, and gas equipment to maximize your company’s productivity and profitability.


Airweld Inc. offers a wide variety of specialty gases and gas mixtures to be utilized in Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology. In an industry so heavily governed by strict regulations and standardization requirements, we understand the necessity of using products that are guaranteed to accurately comply with these standards. Because of this, our specialty gases are ensured to meet and exceed GMP/QSR requirements for gases with certified production to meet your specifications.

The pharmaceutical industry places a considerable emphasis on discovery and experimentation and relies on the efficient completion of a series of steps to achieve their ultimate goal of curing patients. From the early stages involving research and development to the final production and distribution stages, Airweld Inc. will be here to partner with you every step of the way.


Metal Fabrication is an industry that emphasizes “throughput”.  From the delivery of steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other non-ferrous metal shapes to the output of the finished product, consistency, efficiency and quality are the keys to success. Airweld Inc. has a storied history of working with our fabricator partners, providing the gases, equipment and tools to increase production while maintaining quality. Airweld Inc. recognizes the growing importance and demand for automation in metal fabricating.  We satisfy this demand by partnering with expert manufacturers of CNC equipment including plasma and laser cutting tables, beam lines, robots, semi-automatic and automatic saws and iron workers.  We invest in growing our automation expertise by sending our sales representatives to the factories for training on the set-up, installation and programming of this equipment.