Airweld’s “Answer Man”, Victor Fuhrman, has 40 years of experience in the welding supply and compressed gas industry. An AWS CWI, Victor brings his expertise to our customers, providing solutions to make their jobs more efficient and productive while maintaining the highest quality.

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This month’s question comes from Manny M. of Queens, New York. He asks,

“Dear Answer Man: We’ve been using E71T-1 for FCAW on flat ½” steel plate. We are looking to increase production and save time on post weld cleaning. What would you suggest?

Dear Manny: Many steel fabricators are moving to “metal-cored” wires (MCAW). These wires provide higher deposition rates and travel speed, no slag and almost no spatter resulting in little to no inter-pass and post weld clean-up, excellent fusion and weld quality. The wire and gas cost a little more but the huge savings in time and labor are well worth it. Thanks for asking!